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Automate Your Shelf-Edge Marketing!
DESIGN-R-LABELS (DRL) is the cornerstone for printing in-store signage & shelf labels with ultimate efficiency. Advance automation features like Intelligent Templates, Long Description Fields, Task Scheduler and many others allow retailers to create bold, eye-catching signs & labels with accuracy and ease. Totally integrated and data-driven, DRL eliminates countless human errors and saves hours of wasted time designing signs and labels and managing printers. Now, with a just a few clicks of the mouse, you can print bold eye-catching signage and labels in the office, store, and/or in the aisle.

Engage shoppers by adding color. Product images, health & nutrition icons, place of origin or other product attributes are easily incorporated with DESIGN-R-LABELSand a Color Laser-Class Printer . With DRLís Task Scheduler and the right printer configuration, you can have multiple signs & labels printed and ready for application when the morning crew arrives. We can show you how to eliminate waiting for a print job to finish before you can change stock and start the next job. With Eco-friendly two piece toners and drums and RTIís low priced printer consumables, color printing has never been more affordable or efficient. Increase profits by reducing the hours spent designing signs and labels, and managing printers with DESIGN-R-LABELS.

This groundbreaking data-driven software was designed with retailers in mind. DRLís Import Engine has the ability to read data from more than forty POS Scanning systems and Back-Room/DSD applications plus the capability to read data from ASCII and ODBC compliant data files. This ensures that regardless of the POS system you are using today or you upgrade next year, DESIGN-R-LABELS will be compatible for years to come.DESIGN-R-LABELS will lift your sign and label printing capabilities to new levels. Request a demo today! [email protected] or 1-800-277-4277