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N-Aisle Printing with the RTI Powercart! Bypass the Back Office!
As labor costs continue to rise, retailers are looking for more ways to drive costs out of their operations, without sacrificing customer service or employee satisfaction. The RTI POWERCART is a powerful weapon for combating rising labor costs. Retail associates around the world are wasting countless hours walking back and forth from the aisles to the back office to print signs and/or labels, with many distractions along the way that can result in costly mistakes or even accidents. The RTI POWERCART allows associates to print on demand at the point of need, while never leaving the sales floor unattended.
Greatly reduce waste by placing a computer on an RTI battery powered cart, allowing you access the N-AISLE PRINTING software. This configuration provides the user a queue, listing each UPC, the template, and the number of signs on a specific form. As the queue fills, it is automatically released when there are enough items to fill the form, or the user can release each item for printing manually.

Mobile printing is no longer limited to “hip printers,” which only allowed for printing labels or small shelf talkers. Now, laser printers can also be implemented in the aisle, using an RTI POWERCART. This solution provides retailers the ability to print larger signage (e.g. 8.5” x 11”) in monochrome or color, directly where it is needed. Whether you choose to eliminate the back office with RTI’s entire N-AISLE PRINTING system, or only implement mobile belt printers, one thing is certain, eliminating steps, saves money! Every Step Has a Price! LEARN MORE

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Rechargeable Battery powered cart by Retail Technologies, Inc. RTI