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Combat Rising Labor Costs by Printing at the Point of Need!

N-AISLE PRINTING by Retail Technologies, Inc. not only brings a high level of efficiency to sign
and shelf label printing in the aisle, it also improves customer service and employee satisfaction!

As labor costs continue to rise, retailers are looking for more ways to drive costs out of their operations, without sacrificing customer service or employee satisfaction. Printing shelf labels, shelf talkers, and signage in the aisle, at the point of need, will accomplish both of these tasks. Printing in the aisle eliminates wasted steps, and keeps personnel on the floor, so they are available for customer service.
With the introduction of mobile roll-ed printers, retailers finally have a solution to printing replacement tag or talker without wasting an entire sheet of labels. Now, with wearable mobile printers and handheld PDA computers, retailers are finally starting to see a reduction in operational costs. However, mobile printers alone, without the proper software to drive them, have limited capabilities when it comes to things like graphics, fonts, sizing, and spacing. This makes duplicating labels printed with conventional laser printers virtually impossible. As a solution to this problem, many retailers resort to printing a temporary tag in the aisle and then come back later to replace it with a permanent label printed with a laser printer.This “band-aid” method solution not only creates a new inefficiency, it also disrupts continuity and the overall look and feel of quality in your store.
DESIGN-R-LABELS with the N-AISLE PRINTING option is the solution that retailers everywhere have been seeking. No more need for the temporary, “band-aid”, tag! LEARN MORE