R032030 32up AWG Label Yellow/White w/Green Border on Vinyl Stock w/ Removable Adhesive 32up Yellow/White/Green Vinyl Adhesive Label
Price Per Case: $160.00
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Four 5.5" x 3.5" Green, red, yellow, & white cardstock signs on an 11" x 7" sheet. Featuring SALE and VENTA 4up Venta | Sale
Price Per Pack: $17.50
Limited Time Introductory Price: $14.50
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30 Years


R027001 27up Lime Green Price Box

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Case Price: $169.00
Pre-Order Price: $150.00
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27 labels on a sheet with green price box. Formerly used by AG FL grocers
Semi-Custom Item # R027001
500 Sheets Per Case |
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